About Us

I'm Elizabeth Barreto, from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, lover of cuisine and everything I do is with a lot of love.

I left Brazil with my husband in search of a safer life for our daughter.

Arriving here in London in 2002 like every immigrant, I saw that the reality would be totally different from what I had dreamed of.

Time passed and things slowly came together.

When suddenly in 2006, Wanderson had his motorcycle stolen with the cards and passports of the company he worked for. And for being honest and not making up some story in which he was suggested by his boss, he was sent away.

And in the face of this difficulty, I decided to put my gift into practice (cooking); making snacks, cakes, sweets and even children's decoration.

Over these years of learning and perseverance, today we reap the rewards of being considered the founders of the largest and best-structured Brazilian savory factory in the United Kingdom.

What was born at home to contribute to the monthly income, gradually took shape and became the main family income.

Today in 2022 we distribute to over 150 outlets across the UK in addition to online sales via our website. Providing our customers with memorable moments through our delicious products. “Always be a winner in life, it's up to you”